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Company Policy Innovaway Spa

INNOVAWAY carries out:

INNOVAWAY believes that quality, security of the information handled and services provided is essential for quality and safety of the processes applied: Quality and Safety means responding to the Customer's requirements to meet his needs with the performance excellence, through the correct application of processes, investment knowledge of its employees, maximum procedural control over the provision of its services and continuous monitoring of performances.

INNOVAWAY Policy is therefore based on two main elements: corporate values and strategy and is integrated with the Occupational Health and Safety Policy described in a dedicated document (MS 04. SSL policy).


Customer Focus:

  • pursuing its business success in the markets by offering quality services at competitive conditions and in compliance with all the regulations protecting fair competition, recognizing that the acknowledgement of those requesting services is of primary importance for its business success;
  • carrying out all the activities in the company with commitment and professional accuracy for maximum customer satisfaction
  • considering information security an essential feature for the protection of own and Customer information assets and a strategic value factor in the field in which it operates;
  • making available to the Customer employees who are able to provide professional contributions adequate to the responsibilities assigned.
  • Fully meeting contractual requirements, implicit and explicit, signed with their Customers regarding information security

Results orientation and continuous improvement in service quality:

  • Pursuing the quality of services by determining innovation and continuous improvement of processes, technology, models and systems adopted by the Organization.
  • Preserving the current image of the company as a reliable and competent supplier

Focus on people and relationships with employees and suppliers:

  • pursuing the principle that people are the main movers of change and are the key differentiating factor in an increasingly competitive market
  • inspiring all actions and negotiations and, in general, the employees’ behavior in towards the Customer to the maximum correctness from the management point of view, to the completeness and transparency of the information, to the legitimacy under the formal and substantial aspect and the clarity and truth in the accounting findings according to the current regulations and internal procedures;
  • fostering the business climate that imprints relationships among employees, at all levels, with criteria and behaviors of correctness, collaboration, loyalty and mutual respect.
  • do not preclude to any supplier company, in possession of the requisites required for the qualification according to the company procedures, the possibility of competing for a supply, adopting in the selection objective evaluation criteria, according to declared and transparent methods;
  • obtaining the collaboration of the suppliers to ensure the satisfaction of the Customers' needs in terms of quality, cost and delivery times respecting their expectations

Results orientation and continuous service quality improvement:

  • pursuing the quality of services by determining innovation and continuous improvement of processes, technology, models and systems adopted by the Organization.


Innovative solutions

  • in line with the most up-to-date market technologies.

Highly professional services

  • elevate professional skills, in the interests of continuous updating and expansion
  • Increase the level of sensitivity and competence on information security issues in your staff

Dissemination of skills and experience gained

  • Perform all the activities in the company with commitment and professional rigor for maximum Customer satisfaction.
  • Making available to the Customer employees who provide professional contributions adequate to the responsibilities assigned.
  • Improve the ideational capacity of the Organization


INNOVAWAY strives, in line with its Policy, to achieve the following objectives:

  • apply the recommendations required by relevant regulations (ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000-1, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001) as well as the specific rules relating to the policy remit activities
  • design and implement services that meet the Customer's requirements, satisfying their needs regularly and always exercising the skills of coordination, control and integration of services and processes, at performance level
  • guarantee an appropriate level of security of data and information in the design, development and provision of corporate services, through the identification, assessment and treatment of risks to which the services are subjected.
  • design and implement high value-added services accompanied by systematic procedures for managing, monitoring and measuring the results achieved;
  • constantly improve the skills of its resources, through appropriate training and education programs;
  • improve the quality of the services provided over time, providing those who supply them with adequate means to achieve this goal;
  • continuously monitoring the results by means of measuring customer satisfaction;
  • ensuring the economic growth of company;
  • promote the continuous improvement of the overall effectiveness of the defined Integrated Management System, through specific reviews and measures to improve quality
  • encourage the security knowledge and sensitize the information protection, preserveting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, among its employees, collaborators, partners and third parties regarding their roles and responsibilities in this area
  • face up quickly, effectively and scrupulously with malfunctions or accident the could occur in the performance of the activities, also collaborating with third parties or responsible Organisation.
  • coordinate control activities, starting with the most critical activities to update the planned security programs for achieving and ensuring this policy.
Naples, July 4, 2019